detailed research on hoodia gordonii supplements. clinical studies, research and articles on the hoodia plant as an appetite suppressant. sound information on hoodia without all the marketing hype.

you may have seen all the confusing claims about hoodia�

  • hoodia gordonii is the world's most powerful appetite suppressant
  • the hoodia plant was praised by cbs news 60 minutes
  • phytopharm owns the exclusive patent to the hoodia plant
  • pure hoodia is a magic weight loss pill
  • and, every company swears that whatever hoodia they are selling is the best hoodia and everything else does not work.

for years we have sold only a handful of the highest quality dietary supplements to our demanding customers. recently, our clients kept asking us the same question over and over - "what is the deal with hoodia? does it really work as an all natural appetite suppressant?"

to help our customers in their efforts to learn the truth, we began doing extensive research on hoodia. our first reaction was to pull our hair out and start screaming! there was so much misinformation and confusion, it was very hard to determine the truth. however, after months of detailed research (and too many cups of coffee), we started to have some fun discovering the truth about the hoodia gordonii plant.

what we have done on this site is put together the full and complete story on hoodia and pure hoodia supplements. at times it reads like a spy novel, but as they say - you really can not make this stuff up. did we ever find a hoodia supplement we would feel comfortable recommending? yes, and if you are one of those people who likes to read the last page of a book first, click here to read about the hoodia supplements we recommend.

we hope that you will not jump to the end and instead follow our interesting journey for the truth about hoodia gordonii.

this is how the hoodia story begins�.

what do million dollar pharmaceuticals and bushmen have in common?

as it would turn out - their desire for hoodia. let's explain�

overview of the hoodia plant and its powers

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