Mixing Machines

Mixing machines are equipment used to combine two different inputs to produce a special product as the output. They are either hand or stand mixers depending on their modalities of use. The following are different types of mixing machines depending on their use:

1. Beater machine: This is a type of hand or stand mixer mostly used in the kitchen. It is made up of gears that rotate a set of beaters to mix ingredients to be used. The mixing is achieved through a repetitive task of whisking performed by the beater machine.

2. Commercial blender UK: this is a type of blender that can be used to grind semi-solid food products into purees. Businesses owners invest in this kind mixing machine because it is efficient to use and easy to clean due to its detachable features.

3. High shear mixer: This is a mixing machine that is used to create granular products, emulsions, and suspensions by dispersing certain ingredients from one phase to another e.g. liquid to gas. This type of mixing machine is mostly used in chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical industries among others.

4. Industrial blender: This is an industrial blending machines comprised of a large tank that can mix a huge number of products that one intends to manufacture. They are different from other blending machines in that they allow reactions to occur between different ingredients.

5. Industrial stand mixers: This is a type of a commercial mixer that is most suitable for use in a bakery of food production business. Its sturdy build allows it to withstand rigorous use in commercial kitchens.

6. Tumble mixer: This is a type of mixing equipment that is used to blend powders or solids. It is made up of a stainless steel closed vessel which rotates at a given speed. It uses diffusion as the main mechanism of blending or mixing.